Jorullo Autokarga is a dry freight transportation company. It realizes that efficient, safe and timely pick-up and delivery of the raw material as well as the products is of utmost importance to its clients. Satisfying their needs is a challenge that it strives to rise to.

Rest assured that your cargo is in reliable hands.



Jorullo Autokarga has its origins in a company founded on February 21, 1941, by the extraordinary efforts of Mr. Manuel Escobar Vega.  During the adverse situation of the infra structure at that time, he needed to open up non-existent roads and to cross rivers carrying an old truck in Panga boats which were small watercrafts, then used by commercial fishermen in Mexico and Central America. Through decades of tough experience, hardships and dedicated learning, Jorullo Autokarga has managed to provide an excellent service to its clients.

Currently the third generation of Mr. Manuel Escobar Vega is in charge of the administration and modernization of Jorullo Autokarga.



With a team of highly skilled, qualified and trained labor, the mission of Jorullo Autokarga  is to ensure that the transportation provided by us is safe and efficient, not merely satisfying the needs of our customers but even exceeding them.

We aim to provide quality services and seek continuous improvement in all departments. We constantly look for innovative solutions and outstanding technological services, which will help improve the working of our company.





Jorullo Autokarga would like to be a company recognized for excellence in service, both nationally and internationally. With cutting edge technology, qualified staff with a deep sense of belonging, and a desire to provide the best to our clients, we want to achieve the highest standards of international competence without compromising on our environment-friendly approach.




Jorullo Autokarga has emerged as a successful transportation company due to the dedicated efforts of hardworking and honest workers who managed to sow the seeds of responsibility and honesty, the values which were later transmitted to its employees, generation after generation. Consequently, the following set of values is deeply rooted into the functioning of our company:

Priority attention to the clients
Team Work


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